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A Podcast About Magic

and the f*cked up sh*t people did with it.


Mancy is a podcast about how magic has shaped human history and our culture, including pop culture. It features spoken word poet RJ Walker and psychic Elle Alder. They explore different "-mancies" which are different methods of divination. Each episode features stories of magic and Elle attempts to replicate the method researched by RJ. They also attempt to use these mancies in a more contemporary way to reflect the struggles of our time.

RJ Provides a skeptical lens and historical research, Elle provides her expertise as a psychic and witch. Each episode ends with a psychic reading from Elle, using whatever mancy is being covered. Reach out if you'd like a reading on the show!

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RJ Walker

Writer, Producer

RJ Walker is a performance poet and voice actor from Salt Lake City, Utah. RJ Has performed at the national poetry slam numerous times, representing Salt Lake City, and Sugar House Utah. At the Individual World Poetry Slam he was a showcased poet on final stage and placed 6th overall at the 2017 Individual world poetry slam. RJ won the NPS Spirit of the Slam award for organizing the first Compliment Deathmatch event. The next year he placed 4th at the National Poetry Slam with the Salt City Unified team. He is the host and operator of The Greenhouse Effect Open Mic, SLC’s longest running and most popular open mic style event.

RJ provides the podcast with historical research, scripts, and a skeptical lens.


Elle Alder

Psychic, Eclectic Witch

Hi! My name is Elle and I'm a professional psychic working in the industry for 7 years. I love teaching people about spirituality and helping them navigate the twists and turns of life. I don't believe in "fate" but I do believe in Source and our roles in that. I'm excited to meet you and get an opportunity to help you.

Elle provides the podcast with her expertise in magic and the occult and her psychic talents 

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